Hiroshi Yabu Junior Principal Investigator Ph.D.

Job Associate Professor
Group Device/System Group
Laboratory H. Yabu Laboratory (will open in a new tab)
Address Office 307, AIMR Laboratory Building,Katahira Campus
Tel +81-22-217-5996
E-Mail hiroshi.yabu.d5@tohoku.ac.jp
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Research Interests

  • Preparation of nanostructured polymer particles by self-organization process (2005-)
  • Fabrication and application of honeycomb films by using condensed water droplets (2003-)
  • Preparation of organic-inorganic composites (2009-)
  • Synthesis and application of biomimetic polymer materials (2012-)
  • Synthesis of metal-complex catalysts for energy and chemical conversion systems (2017-)

Main Publication List

  • Fe Azaphthalocyanine Unimolecular Layers (AzUL) on Carbon Nanotubes for Realizing Highly Active Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) Catalytic Electrodes, H. Abe, Y. Hirai, S. Ikeda, Y. Matsuo, T. Matsue, H. Matsuyama, J. Nakamura, H. Yabu, NPG Asia Materials, 11, Article number:57 (2019).
  • Ashura Particles: Experimental and Theoretical Approaches for Creating Phase Separated Structures of Ternary Blended Polymers in Three-Dimensionally Confined Spaces, Y. Hirai, E. Avalos, T. Teramoto, Y. Nishiura, H. Yabu, ACS Omega, 4(8), 13106-13113 (2019).
  • Near Infrared Excitable-SERS Measurement Using Magneto-Responsive Metafluids for In Situ Molecular Analysis, Y. Hirai, Y. Matsuo, H. Yabu, ACS Applied Nano Materials, 1(9), 4980-4987 (2018).
  • Surface-Reactive Patchy Nanoparticles and Nanodiscs Prepared by Tandem Nanopricipitation and Phase Separation, D. Varadharajan, H. Turgut, J. Lahann, H. Yabu, G. Delaittre, Advanced Functional Materials, 28(39), 1800846 (2018)
  • One Step Fabrication of Mesh-Reinforced Hierarchic Perforated Microporous Honeycomb Films With Tunable Filtering Property, J. kamei and H. Yabu, Soft Matter, 13(43), 7834-7839 (2017)


  • The Ichimura Prize in Science for Distinguished Achievement, The New Technology Development Foundation, Japan (2016)
  • Konica Minolta Science and Technology Foundation Award, The Imaging Society Japan, Japan (2014)
  • The Young Scientists’ Prize, The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan (2014)
  • Award for Encouragement of Research in Polymer Science, The Society of Polymer Science, Japan (2011)
  • CSJ Award for Young Investigators, The Chemical Society of Japan (2011)

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