An overview of AIMR through data as well as messages from the Director and the President of Tohoku University

Organization and Management

An introduction to the top-down operational system headed by the Director, and the organization that supports the system

Strategy of AIIMR

An explanation of AIMR’s strategy aimed at developing a globally visible research base in the field of materials science

Open Positions

An introduction to positions open for recruitment


Access to AIMR and map of the surrounding area

Movie Library

The activities of AIMR are introduced through the following movies.


In the production of the logo mark, the key concepts are "AIMR" and "Integration."

The symbol used in the logo mark is widely recognized as the integral sign used in mathematics. The four spheres that surround the sign represent the four groups of Materials Physics, Non-equilibrium Materials, Soft Materials, and Device/System. Adding Mathematics to these groups refers to the "integration" of mathematics and the materials field and to the establishment of the principles of a new materials science.