Providing complete support to allow researchers to focus on their research

The aim behind the establishment of the Research Support Division is the creation of an environment that allows researchers to carry out their research work smoothly. Efforts have also been made to develop a comfortable environment for foreign researchers.

AIMR employs staff who are able to conduct their work in English, and who possess specialized knowledge that enables them to take a proactive stance in drawing up research proposals together with the researchers. The support system is therefore in a position to contribute actively to the achievement of research goals established by AIMR.

Maki Suemitsu
Director, Research Support Division

Support Systems

This section introduces the staff and work of the Research Support Division, which is engaged in providing day-to-day support for research activities.

For International Researchers (IAC)

This section introduces the Internaitonal Affairs Center (IAC), which provides support for international researchers.

For Visitors

This section provides useful information for visitors to AIMR. Please refer to Access for directions to AIMR.

A section of this website provides information for employees. New appointees to positions at AIMR are encouraged to visit the page to download the necessary documents and obtain other relevant information.