AIMR’s research activities are founded upon an international fusion organization structure that stands at the forefront of research in the world. The Center is engaged in the development of new materials through revolutionary atomic and molecular control methods. These methods sweep away existing and conventional concepts, and look instead to the future. Based on fundamental research, researchers (1) elucidate principles lying between "structures and functional emergence" common to different kinds of materials and materials in different layers, (2) establish new science principles in materials science and build a basis for "predicting" new functions and new materials based on the established principles, and (3) create Green Materials that contribute to "Energy Harvesting," "Energy Saving," and "Environmental Clean-up." Through these efforts, AIMR aims to create innovative base materials that have a significant impact on the establishment of a foundation for a safe and rich livelihood in the future, as well as to contribute to society through a diverse offering of functional innovations.

Researchers & Laboratories

Areas of Research

AIMR brings together leading researchers in the fields of substances, materials, and devices from around the world, and adds mathematicians in order to build a new form of materials science. Interface units make a bridge between them to promote fusion research.

Three Target Projects

AIMR has positioned the three projects listed above as its target projects, and is dynamically driving and promoting collaborative research involving mathematics and materials science.


AIMR conduct various collaborative researches with institutes and companies. This page shows the research themes for collaborative research.

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