Through research activities, AIMR aims to develop a foundation for the realization of a safe and secure society, and to contribute to humankind and society. It lists the following as the three main goals of the organization:

  • To establish a world premier research center  in materials science through invention and development of new innovative functional materials.
  • To reform the conventional Japanese-style research and management system and to establish a system adequate as a world-level center.
  • Through the cooperation with domestic and international partner institutions, to establish a "research center visible to the world," attracting materials science researchers from Japan and around the world.

To achieve these goals, the relevant strategic plans, management team, and partner institutions are set out as follows:

Research Strategic Plan

AIMR has established four materials research groups and Mathematical Science Group. Its aim is to promote fusion research and create innovative and functional materials.

Top Management

AIMR functions through a top-down operational system centered on the Director, alongside with the Deputy Director, and the Director and Deputy Director of the Research Support Division.

Partner Institutions

AIMR aims to collaborate with various research institutions within and outside Japan and develop as a world premier research center  in the field of materials science.