For International Researchers (IAC)

What is IAC?

International Affairs Center (IAC) provides support for international researchers at AIMR. This support includes IAC Japanese Class, orientations for new arrivals, rental services and the provision of information related to daily life. IAC also functions as the point of contact for the various procedures required when arriving in Japan.

Pre/Post Arrival Support

Featuring information about support for coming to Japan, such as visa application and accompanying researchers to the ward office or bank to carry out procedures.


“Orientation for International Researchers” is held regularly for newly appointed international researchers and their families.

IAC Japanese Class

IAC holds the Japanese language class for international researchers and their families.

Rental Items

A rental service is available for daily necessities, in order to support the basic daily life needs of faculty and staff appointed to AIMR.


This section summarizes the important information for working at Tohoku University, information on living in Japan, and other frequently asked questions by international researchers at Tohoku University.

Information Bulletin Board and Rack

We provide daily life information through Information Bulletin Board and Information Rack.


International Affairs Center (IAC)

Tel: +81-22-217-5971
Address: Room 221, AIMR Main Building
2-1-1 Katahira, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-8577 JAPAN