In promoting industry-academia collaboration, AIMR actively carries out joint research and commissioned research with research institutions and corporations at home and abroad. Below are sampling of projects have been conducted.

Battery Industries

  • Cathode material for lithium-air batteries
  • Synthetic processing of multicomponent substances for all-solid-state batteries

Hydrogen Industry

  • Metal-based high-density hydrogen storage materials
  • CO2 emissions reduction: Novel chemical processes for hydrogen co-production

Semiconductor and Information Communication Industries

  • New materials and measurement technologies for magnetoresistive non-volatile memory
  • Photonic integrated circuits using synthetic dimensions and topological edge states

Resource Recycling Industry

  • Highly efficient heat pump with natural refrigerants using nanoporous materials
  • Chemical looping processes by low-temperature hydrocarbon reforming

Co-creation Research Center

The Co-creation Research Center is a liaison point between the university and companies that was established in the university and provides cross-departmental access to university researchers, knowledge, and facilities. This enables the planning and promotion of joint research, human resource development, and the promotion of a variety of collaborative activities, including partnerships with university-launched ventures.

SMM × Tohoku University GX
Materials Science Co-Creation Research Center

3DC–Tohoku U Joint Research Laboratory: Transforming the World with GMS, a New Carbon Material

AZUL Energy x Tohoku University Bio-Inspired Emergence GX Co-Creation Center

Open Innovation Center

AIMR has an Open Innovation Center with the aim of applying and expanding AIMR’s research achievements in industrial fields.

Applications of leading-edge mathematical science

Applications of hydrogen science and related GX research

One-Stop Service Desk

AIMR conduct various collaborative research with institutes and companies.
Please see the site of "Tohoku University Research Profiles(will open in a new tab) " for more details. If you are considering a collaborative project with AIMR researchers, please contact with One-Stop Service Desk of Industrial Liaison Division, Head Office of Enterprise Partnerships, Tohoku University.