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Business Trip Procedures

A transportation fee, daily allowance and accommodation fee are paid for work-related trips taken in relation to the WPI program. The transportation fee will be equivalent to the actual cost paid, assuming a reasonable route and mode of transportation. The amount of daily allowance and accommodation fee are fixed as stipulated in the Tohoku University rules. Persons receiving travel expense payments from other organizations are not eligible to claim the payments for the same from AIMR.

Please submit following documents to settle your travel expenses. Payment will be made about one month later to your bank account. Formats are available from the following links:

1. Documents to settle travel expenses

Payment will be made in principle to bank accounts.
Banks in Japan¡§Submit a transfer request formand a copy of the page of your passbook that has your bank account number
Banks outside Japan¡§Submit an application of remittance

transfer request form download

application of remittance download


  • Make sure that the SWIFT, IBAN or ABA code, the bank name and the bank account number are written on the remittance application.
  • If you wish to receive travel expense reimbursements at an overseas bank account, Tohoku University will pay the remittance fee.
  • You can receive payment in your local currency, but please note that some banks charge a fee for this.

2. Travel Plan and Travel Report in Tohoku University Format

Fill in and stamp (with your seal) or sign the form.

3. Vouchers/stubs received during travel

Domestic travel
By air Vouchers, boarding pass stubs
By train or bus None
Overseas travel
By air Vouchers, boarding pass stubs
By train or bus Tickets, vouchers
  • Send stubs for the return trip of your air travel by mail.

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