IAC Japanese Class

IAC regularly conducts Japanese language courses, “Cha-Chat J Salon” (Co-hosted by: NPO ICAS) and “Nihongo no Hiroba” (Co-hosted by: The Graduate School of Applied Japanese Linguistics of Tohoku University) for foreign researchers and their families. These courses are divided into groups based on participants‘ Japanese language proficiency levels. Everyone is welcome to join.

Past IAC Japanese Classes before 2022

  • 03/08Expression of Appreciationonline
  • 02/08Meanings of Japanese namesonline
  • 01/11What is “Donto-sai”?online
  • 12/07What do you do in the new year?
  • 11/09Calligraphy
  • 10/12Favourite things to do in Autumnonline
  • 09/14What do you see in the full moon?online
  • 08/17Summer in Japanonline
  • 07/06Let's study about Sendai Star Festivalonline
  • 06/08What's the meaning of that kanji?online
  • 05/18Yes! Let's go to Hokkaido!online
  • 04/20Never too late for Hanami!online

Special Cooperation by ICAS