Initiatives for Promoting Fusion Research

AIMR has injected particular effort into initiatives aimed ad advancing research that is not restricted by the boundaries of existing research fields. Fusion research is an important approach in the creation of new scientific principles. The institute takes the following measures to promote such research activities.

AIMR Fusion Research Proposal

Every year, AIMR researchers submit proposals for fusion research projects to be implemented within AIMR, the Director, Director of the Research Support Division, and respective Group Leaders review the proposals submitted, and the Director makes the decision on whether or not to adopt the proposals. Research grants are allocated to selected projects.

Friday Tea Time

Weekly held Friday Tea Time is where AIMR researchers and staff members can relax and talk freely while drinking coffee. Expectations of stimulating conversation may arise among the researchers and leading to new research.

AIMR Seminars

Seminars are presented by AIMR researchers and visiting scientists who provide a wide range of hot topics from materials science to mathematics. The aims of the AIMR Seminar are to build up mutual understanding, communication, and discussions of each other’s research fields.