Support for Young Researchers

AIMR is a relatively young department established in 2007. In addition to the youth of the organization itself, many of its researchers are young, with more than half of the researchers under the age of 40. AIMR has established the following support systems to encourage the activities of these young researchers. The Common Equipment Room, which can be used immediately after arrival, is popular among young researchers.

Support Package for Young Researchers

The AIMR Support Package for Young Researchers aims to improve research activities and international presence through the support to some of the research activities conducted by young AIMR researchers and to create a research environment suitable for international research institutes. Researchers under the age of 40 who assume the positions of assistant professors, specially appointed assistant professors, research associates and researchers are eligible to use this package system.

Overseas Dispatch Program for Young Researchers

The AIMR Overseas Dispatch Program for Young Researchers aims to support research exchanges with overseas institutions and presentations at international conferences by providing travel expenses and international conference participation fees etc.

Awarding System

The AIMR Awarding System aims to encourage young researchers by giving a Certificate of Achievement and an extra prize for further enhancing cutting-edge research in their respective fields to researchers who have delivered great performances in their research that fulfills our purpose and received an award from an outside organization.

Common Equipment Room

Dedicated technical coordinators manage common equipment and provide support for research technologies. They also create networks with internal and external research institutions pertaining to the joint use of experimentation equipment. The Unit carries out coordination work corresponding to the needs of researchers in order to ensure that researchers are also able to make use of equipment that is not available at the institute.

Major Equipments

  • FE-SEM (Field-emission Scanning Electron Microscope); JEOL, JSM-7800F
  • Sputtering System: ULVAC, QAM-4-S
  • Laser Raman Spectrometer; HORIBA, LabRAM HR-800
  • TG-DTA, DSC (Thermal Analysis Apparatus); RIGAKU, Thermo plus EvoII
  • Xray Diffraction Measurement System (XRD); RIGAKU, SmartLab 9MTP
  • Xray Diffraction Measurement System (Laue Camera); RIGAKU, RASCO 3M etc.