[5/14] Cha Chat J Salon: “General matters of chopstick and its etiquette” & [5/24] Nihongo no Hiroba: “Shopping”


IAC regularly conducts Japanese language courses, “Cha-Chat J Salon” and “Nihongo no Hiroba,” for foreign researchers and their families. These courses are divided into groups based on participants' Japanese language proficiency levels and are held in the Combination Room on the 5th floor of the AIMR Main Building. Everyone is welcome to join.

In May, the following sessions will be held. Please apply via the registration form to join.

Cha Chat J Salon

Learn Japanese while immersing yourself in Japanese culture. Depending on the theme, enjoy cultural experiences such as calligraphy and creating New Year's cards.


General matters of chopstick and its etiquette


14th May (Tuesday) 16:00–17:00

Application Due Date

7th May (Tuesday)

Co-hosted by: NPO ICAS

Nihongo no Hiroba

Interactive, real-life conversation practice led by students studying Japanese language education at Tohoku University. Learn practical Japanese expressions and stay updated on language trends.




24th May (Friday) 10:30–11:30

Application Due Date

17th May (Friday)

Co-hosted by: The Graduate School of Applied Japanese Linguistics of Tohoku University


International Affairs Center (IAC)

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Tel: +81-22-217-5971
Address: Room 221, AIMR Main Building, 2-1-1 Katahira, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-8577

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel after registering, please inform IAC in advance.

Photography Consent

Photography Consent: Photographs may be taken during the session for university-related reporting and advertising purposes.
If you do not wish to give consent, please inform IAC in advance.