Researcher Exchange Programs

Global Intellectual Incubation and Integration Laboratory (GI3 Lab)

Global Intellectual Incubation and Integration Laboratory (GI3 Lab) aims to strengthen international fusion/joint research and construct a world “visible center” by inviting excellent researchers and students (GI3 researchers) from all over the world.

“GI3 researchers” shall mean senior researchers accepted by principal investigators (PIs) in Japan and younger researchers and students sent from PIs outside Japan for promoting fusion/joint research with PI research groups within Japan at GI3 Lab.

Since February 2011, satellite interchange has included in this program.

Also, in case of outsourcing remote educational research activities to Senior Researchers due to immigration difficulties has been included in this program since October 2020.

Senior researchers are accepted as foreign research staff members (Visiting Professor/Associate Professor).
Younger researchers and students are accepted as Visiting Scientists.
The period shall be a minimum of one month to a maximum of three months in principle.
Travel Expenses
Travel expenses for GI3 researchers shall be covered from their country of residence to Tohoku University by WPI-AIMR in principle.
Living Expenses
Senior researchers shall be offered salary or remunerations but not living cost. Junior researchers and students shall be offered living expenses of 100,000 yen per month in principle. The accommodation expenses may be offered depending on the actual cost.
The application form and the applicant's CV should be submitted to the International Affairs Center (IAC) (will open in a new tab).
Activity Report
GI3 researchers must submit a report on the activity to Institute Director before finishing their tenure.

Visiting Scientists (Cases not under GI3)

For details please see the notification on collecting proposals, which will be sent to researchers at the start of the process in question.

Even in cases not coming under GI3, individuals which hold a doctoral degree or research staff which have equivalent research abilities can be accepted as Visiting Scientists. Applicable foreign researchers, or similar, with the position of lecturer or higher can also be accepted as Visiting Scientists. For details please inquire with the General Affairs Section.