Research Strategic Plan

Research Groups

AIMR is made of the following five research groups.

AIMR brings together leading researchers in the fields of material physics, materials, and devices from around the world, and adds Mathematical Science Group consisting of mathematicians and theoretical physicists/chemists in order to build a new form of materials sciences.

  • Materials Physics Group (Leader: Takafumi Sato)
  • Non-equilibrium Materials Group
  • Soft Materials Group (Leader: Tadafumi Adschiri)
  • Device/System Group (Leader: Shigemi Mizukami)
  • Mathematical Science Group (Leader: Hiroshi Suito)

Promotion of Fusion Research

The Advanced Target Projects (ATPs), which is comprised of five research groups aims to create materials based on a complete understanding and control of atoms and molecules. We strongly encourage fusion research for the development of new materials and device creation by applying the state-of-the-art mathematics.

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