September 2007 Selected for a WPI center
October 2007 Establishment of the Advanced Institute for Materials Research (WPI-AIMR)
Yoshinori Yamamoto appointed as first AIMR director
March 2008 Establishment of four Research Groups
May 2009 Completion of AIMR Laboratory Building
April 2011 Establishment of the Mathematics Unit
December 2011 Completion of the AIMR Main Building
April 2012 Motoko Kotani appointed as second AIMR Director
May 2012 Establishment of the Interface Unit
Joint Research Center launched in University of Cambridge
May 2014 Joint Research Center launched in the University of Chicago
April 2015 Establishment of the Mathematical Science Group (will open in a new tab)
June 2016 Foundation of Mathematics for Advanced Materials-OIL (MathAM-OIL) (will open in a new tab)
August 2017 Certified as a WPI Academy center
April 2018 Foundation of iTHEMS cooperative laboratory “SUURI-COOL (Sendai) (will open in a new tab)
June 2018 Joint Research Center launched in Tsinghua University
October 2019 Shin-ichi Orimo appointed as third AIMR Director
December 2019 Establishment of Center of Mathematical Science for Open Innovation (will open in a new tab)
April 2021 Strategic PR Office and Tokyo Branch Office launched
June 2021 AIMR Advisory Board organized
October 2022 Establishment of Open Innovation Center of Hydrogen Science for Green Transformation (GX) (will open in a new tab)