Partner Institutions

Internal Partner Institutions (Departments which AIMR researchers are concurrently affiliated with or collaborate with)

Institution Department Related PI and Jr. PI
Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering Shigemi Mizukami
Yuji Sutou
Tomohiro Otsuka
Graduate School of Science Hayato Chiba
Motoko Kotani
Takafumi Sato
Hiroshi Suito
Graduate School of Environmental Studies Hirotomo Nishihara
Shin-ichi Orimo
School of Engineering Tadafumi Adschiri
Shigemi Mizukami
Yuji Sutou
Faculty of Science Takafumi Sato
Hayato Chiba
Kazuo Takimiya
Institute for Materials Research Dmitri Louzguine
Shin-ichi Orimo
Institute of Fluid Science Shin-ichi Orimo
Hiroshi Suito
Research institute of Electrical Communication Tomohiro Otsuka
Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials Hirotomo Nishihara
Research Alliance Center for Mathematical Sciences Takafumi Sato
Hiroshi Suito
Center for Science and Innovation in Spintronics Gerrit Ernst-Wilhelm Bauer
Yong P. Chen
Shigemi Mizukami
Tomohiro Otsuka
Tomoki Ozawa
Eiji Saitoh
Takafumi Sato
Research Center for Rare Metal and Green Inovation Shigemi Mizukami
New Industry Creation Hatchery Center Tadafumi Adschiri
Shin-ichi Orimo
International Center for Synchrotron Radiation Innovation Smart Takafumi Sato

Domestic Partner Institutions

Institution Department Affiliated members
Meiji University School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences Prof. Toshikazu Sunada
The University of Tokyo Quantum-Phase Electronics Center, School of Engineering Prof. Masashi Kawasaki
Shinshu University Faculty of Textile Science and Technology Prof. Naoki Asao
Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Materials and Chemilal Technology Prof. Taro Hitosugi
Prof. Ken Nakajima
MDX Research Center for Element Strategy Prof. Masaaki Kitano
Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering Prof. Akihiko Hirata
Kochi University of Technology School of Environmental Science and Engineering Prof. Takeshi Fujita
University of Tsukuba Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences Prof. Takahiro Kondo

International Partner Institutions

Please refer to "International" for more information on our international partner institutions.