Thomas P. RussellPrincipal Investigator, Ph.D.

Job Principal Investigator, AIMR
Silvio O. Conte Distinguished Professor, Polymer Science and Engineering Department,
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Visiting Professor, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Group Soft Materials Group
Laboratory T.Russell Laboratory (will open in a new tab)
Address Polymer Science and Engineering Department, University of Massachusetts
(120 Governors Drive, Amherst, MA 01003)
Materials Science Division, Rm.: 62-207, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
(One Cylclotron Road, Berkeley, CA 94703)
Tel +1-413-577-1516
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Research Interests

  • surface and interfacial properties of polymers
  • phase transitions in polymers
  • directed self-assembly processes
  • interfacial assembly of nanoparticles
  • wrinkling and crumpling behavior of thin polymer films

Main Publication List

  • M. Cui, T. Emrick and T.P. Russell, “Stabilizing Liquid Drops in Nonequilibrium Shapes by the Interfacial Jamming of Nanoparticles,” Science 342(6157), 460-463 (2013).
  • X. Gu, I. Gunkel and T.P. Russell, “Block Copolymer Lithography: A “Bottom-Up” Approach to High-Density Pattern Transfer,” Philosophical Transactions A, 37 (2013).
  • D. Wang, T.P. Russell, T. Nishi, K. Nakajima, “AFM Nanomechanics Visualizes Molecular Diffusion and Microstructure at an Interface,” ACS Macro Letters 2(8), 757-760 (2013).
  • K. Toga, J. Huang, K. Cunningham, T.P. Russell and N. Menon, “A Drop on a Floating Sheet: Boundary Conditions, Topography and Formation of Wrinkles,” Soft Matter 9(34) 8289-8296 (2013).
  • J.C. Brendel, F. Liu, A. Lang, T.P. Russell and M. Thelakkat, “Macroscopic Vertical Alignment of Microdomains in Thin Films of Semiconductor Amphiphilic Block Copolymers,” ACS Nano 7(7), 6069-6078 (2013).


  • American Chemical Society Cooperative Research Award in Polymer Science and Engineering, 2003
  • Dutch Polymer Award, 2004
  • Polymer Physics Prize, Division of Polymer Physics, American Physical Society, 2004
  • Fred Kavli Distinguished Lecturer, Materials Research Society, 2012
  • Otto Warburg Prize, University of Bayreuth, October, 2012

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