Takafumi Sato Principal Investigator, Ph.D.

Job Professor
Group Materials Physics Group
Laboratory T.Sato Laboratory (will open in a new tab)
Address Room 205, AIMR Main Building, Katahira Campus
(2-1-1, Katahira, Aoba-ku ,Sendai 980-8577)
Tel +81-22-217-6169
E-Mail t-sato@arpes.phys.tohoku.ac.jp
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Research Interests

  • Search for exotic quasiparticles in topological materials (2010-)
  • Origin of superconductivity in high-temperature superconductors (2001-)
  • Novel electronic states of atomic-layer materials (2005-)
  • Many-body interactions in strongly correlated electron systems (1998-)
  • Development of a new ultrahigh-resolution spin-resolved ARPES system (1998-)

Main Publication List

  • Observation of Dirac-like energy band and ring-torus Fermi surface associated with the nodal line in topological insulator CaAgAs, npj Quantum Materials, 3 (2018) 1-1-6, D. Takane, K. Nakayama, S. Souma, T. Wada, Y. Okamoto, K. Takenaka, Y. Yamakawa, A. Yamakage, T. Mitsuhashi, K. Horiba, H. Kumigashira, T. Takahashi, and T. Sato
  • High-temperature superconductivity in potassium-coated multilayer FeSe film”, Nature Mater. 14 (2015) 775-779, Y. Miyata, K. Nakayama, K. Sugawara, T. Sato, and T. Takahashi
  • Topological proximity effect in a topological insulator hybrid, Nature Commun. 6 (2015) 6547-1-6. T. Shoman, A. Takayama, T. Sato, S. Souma, T. Takahashi, T. Oguchi, K. Segawa, and Y. Ando
  • Ca-intercalated bilayer graphene: thinnest limit of superconducting C6Ca, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci, USA 109 (2012) 19610-19613, K. Kanetani, K. Sugawara, T. Sato, R. Shimizu, K. Iwaya, T. Hitosugi, and T. Takahashi
  • Experimental realization of a topological crystalline insulator in SnTe, Nature Phys. 8 (2012) 800-803, Y. Tanaka, Z. Ren, T. Sato, K. Nakayama, S. Souma, T. Takahashi, K. Segawa, and Y. Ando


  • The Young Scientists’ Prize, Commendation for Science and Technology by MEXT (2007)
  • Highly Cited Researcher, Thomson Reuters (2014)

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