Shin-ichi Orimo Director of AIMR, Ph.D.

Job Director and Professor, AIMR
(Concurrent Posts: Professor and Head of Section, Institute for Materials Research)
Group Device/System Group
Laboratory S.Orimo Laboratory (will open in a new tab)
Address Room 411, Integration Laboratory, Katahira Campus
(2-1-1, Katahira, Aoba-ku ,Sendai 980-8577)
Tel +81-22-215-2093
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Research Interests

Fundamental Study and Energy-Related Application of Hydrides

  • Development of High-Density Hydrogen Storage Materials
  • Development of Superionic Complex Hydrides
  • Fundamental Study on Hydride Superconductors
  • Design of Next-Generation Energy Devices

Main Publication List

  • Complex hydrides for hydrogen storage; Chemical Reviews, 107 (2007) 4111-4132; S. Orimo, Y. Nakamori, J.R. Eliseo, A. Züttel, C.M. Jensen.
  • Lithium fast-ionic conduction in complex hydrides: Review and prospects; Advanced Energy Materials, 1 (2011) 161-172; M. Matsuo, S. Orimo.
  • Complex hydrides for electrochemical energy storage; Advanced Functional Materials, 24 (2014) 2267-2279; A. Unemoto, M. Matsuo, S. Orimo.
  • Exceptional superionic conductivity in disordered sodium decahydro-closo-decaborate; Advanced Materials, 26 (2014) 7622-7626; T.J. Udovici, M. Matsuo, W.S. Tang, H. Wui, V. Stavila, A.V. Soloninin, R.V. Skoryunov, O.A. Babanova, A.V. Skripov, J.J. Rush, A. Unemoto, H. Takamura, S. Orimo.
  • The renaissance of hydrides as energy materials; Nature Reviews Materials, 2 (2017) 16091; R. Mohtadi, S. Orimo.


  • Intelligent Cosmos Prize (2004)
  • Murakami Memorial Encouraged Research Award (2004)
  • Metals Meritorious Award, The Japanese Institute of Metals (2011)
  • Prize for Science and Technology (Research Category), The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister, MEXT (2012)
  • Science of Hydrogen & Energy Award (2015)

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