Prof. Shunsuke Fukami selected as Inamori Research Institute for Science (InaRIS) Fellow


Prof. Shunsuke Fukami, Principal Investigator at AIMR, has been selected as the Inamori Research Institute for Science (InaRIS) Fellow.

The InaRIS Fellowship Program grants 10 million yen per year over 10 years (totaling 100 million yen) to researchers engaged in investigations into topics with high potential based on a grand vision, providing them with opportunities to indulge themselves in research activities and pursue the possibility of triggering a quantum leap in science.

The research topic adopted in this program is “Induction of ‘intelligence’ in materials by artificial control and its development to computing.” Prof. Fukami was honored for his research proposal based on an ambitious idea and his work to date in the development of novel computing based on spintronics technology as the world’s leading researcher.

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