William Naughton Faugno Ph.D.

Job Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, WPI-AIMR
Group Materials Physics Group
Laboratory T. Ozawa Laboratory (will open in a new tab)
Address Room 4A, AIMR main building, Katahira Campus
Tel +81-22-217-5937
E-Mail william.naughton.faugno.e3@tohoku.ac.jp
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Research Interests

    • Strongly Correlated Systems
    • Exotic phases in the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect
    • Non-Hermitian Systems
    • Floquet Engineering
    • Synthetic Dimensions

    Main Publication List

    • W. N. Faugno, Tongzhou Zhao, A. C., Balram, T. Jolicoeur, and J. K. Jain (2021) “Unconventional Zn parton states at ν=7/3: Role of finite width.” APS Physical Review B 103 085303.
    • W. N. Faugno, J. K. Jain, and A. C. Balram (2020) “Non-Abelian fractional quantum Hall state at 3/7-filled Landau level.” APS Physical Review Research 2, 033223.
    • W. N. Faugno, A. C. Balram, A. Wojs, and J. K. Jain (2020) “Theoretical phase diagram for incompressible liquids and crystals in double layer systems in a high magnetic field.” APS Physical Review B 101, 085412.
    • W. N. Faugno, A. C. Balram, M. Barkeshli, and J. K. Jain (2019) “Prediction of a Non-Abelian Fractional Quantum Hall State with f-Wave Pairing of Composite Fermions in Wide Quantum Wells” APS Physical Review Lett 123, 016802.
    • W. N. Faugno, A. J. Duthie, D. J. Wales, and J. K. Jain (2018) “Exotic bilayer crystals in a strong magnetic field.” APS Physical Review B 97, 245424.


    • Chateaubriand STEM Fellow Sept 2019 (2020)
    • W. Donald Miller Graduate Fellowship (2019)
    • University Graduate Fellowship (2015)
    • The Alfred M. Mayer Prize (2015)