The 2012 WPI-AIMR Summer School of Materials Science(ASSM2012)


Advanced Materials to Build a Better Future

The WPI-AIMR Summer School offers a one-week graduate level summer program focusing on a given theme, such as "Materials Science". The program was designed to inspire and challenge graduate level students in the field of physics, chemistry, materials science, electrical engineering, precision engineering, mechanical engineering, etc. from all over the world. The program provides young professionals with lectures by world-leading researchers and laboratory courses at WPI-AIMR in accordance with the theme, and all instruction is performed in English.

The application was closed on May 7th.

  • Morning lecture sessions
    AIMR world-leading researchers will give a three-hour lecture (including break time) for four days and teach the fascination of Materials Science.
  • Afternoon laboratory sessions
    • Candidate students will select from 20 research fields (laboratories) at the time of application, and they will be separated into 15 groups in advance.
    • There are two students per group in principle
    • AIMR researchers will supervise the students in their laboratories for four days.

In addition, ASSM provides various activities that expose students to the attractiveness of Materials Science and enrich their academic experiences.

Application Deadline: May 7, 2012

We'll be looking forward to your applications.

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