Materials Science Idea Contest -- Challenger to the Future --


The announcement of "Materials Science Idea Contest -Challenger to the Future-"

AIMR and MANA, two of the world top-level institutes established in the framework of the WPI program, co-organize “Idea Contest -Challenger to the Future-” under the theme of materials sciences.

The history of the human being has so largely depended on the development of materials, such as earthenware, bronze ware, and ironwarethat the inventive ideas of new materials science are an important key to the sustainable future of the earth With this in mind, the aim of this contest is to provide young people, who will lead the future of our society, with the opportunities to reflect on the materials and to develop the capacity of the future scientists through educational activities.

The applicant can choose the themes (1) and/or (2) below. So please send your idea as many as you like
(1) Materials which will enrich our lives and the future of the Earth
(2) How to use ultrasensitive sensors

The screening result will be released on March 9, 2012. The winner of this contest will be invited to commendation ceremony which will be held at the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo on March 24 (Sat.), 2012, and their works will be exhibited in the National Museum of Nature and Science, etc.

Please see the page of an "application guidebook" and "notes" of this contest.
We'll be looking forward to the applications of many ideas.

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