The City of Academia "Sendai-Miyagi" Science Day 2010"


WPI-AIMR will open a booth at the City of Academia "Sendai-Miyagi" Science Day 2010. The event will be held at Kawauchi North Campus in Tohoku University on July 11, 2010.
The details are as follows.

"Let’s make a transistor using organic semiconductor "
Organic semiconductors are now attracting the interest of many people as the next-generation electronics materials.

You can understand how the transistor works by making one by yourself at the event. We will also explain about our organization's missions and works.

Students at the fifth grade of elementary school and above can participate in the event.
Please apply through the following URL after June 21: open a new window) (Japanese only)
We are planning to give two demonstrations one in the morning and another in the afternoon on July 11.
Up to 10 people in each class will be also able to participate in the demonstration. Anyone can see our demonstrations in anytime.