[7/29] The 4th WPI-AIMR Joint Seminar in FY2016


The 4th WPI-AIMR Joint Seminar in FY2016


Nanoscale Phase Separation of Polymers in Spherical Particles and Creation of Functional Composite Materials


Prof. Hiroshi Yabu
AIMR, Tohoku University


July 29 (Fri.), 2016 14:30-15:30


Seminar Room, 2nd floor, WPI-AIMR Main Bldg.


Phase separation of polymers offers various morphologies ranging from nanometer to micrometer scales based on their compositions and interactions among polymer segments, which are well investigated in bulk systems. We have developed a method for fabricating polymer particles by simple solvent exchanging (Self-ORganized Precipitation, SORP) and found that phase separated structures formed in the polymer bend and block copolymer particles. Furthermore, unique morphologies, which different from original structures appeared in bulk systems, are found in small confined block copolymer particles. In this presentation, preparation of nanostructured polymer particles by SORP, and application for functional composite materials by incorporating functional inorganic nanoparticles into the nanostructured polymer particles will be discussed.

seminar_160624.jpgFig. 1. Electron microscopy images of polymer and composite particles.



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