Geometric measures of finite length carbon nanotube molecules


Geometric measures of finite length carbon nanotube molecules

-Quantifying length and filling rate of carbon nanotubes-


A research group led by Professor Hiroyuki Isobe at Tohoku University has proposed new geometric measures for finite carbon nanotube (CNT) molecules. Although geometric measures for CNT were first proposed in 1992 and widely accepted by the various fields, the popular measures lacked a measure for finite CNT molecules, because of absence of such molecular entities.

In recent years with the appearance of finite carbon nanotubes with discrete sizes, the need for an index to measure length and bond- and atom-filling rate has increased. The newly proposed geometric index is hoped to be a basis for the development of science and technology related to finite carbon nanotube molecules.

Article Information

Taisuke Matsuno, Hisashi Naito, Shunpei Hitosugi, Sota Sato, Motoko Kotani, Hiroyuki Isobe, "Geometric measures of finite carbon nanotube molecules: a proposal for length index and filling indexes" Pure and Applied Chemistry(2014)新しいタブで開きます)新しいタブで開きます)


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