Professor S. Samukawa --Production of high quality germanium metal oxide semiconductor (Ge MOS) transistor structure exceeding specifications of 12-nanometer generation technology with the use of ultra-low damage neutral beam oxidation process


The group led by Professor Seiji Samukawa of the Institute of Fluid Science, Transdisciplinary Fluid Integration Research Center, Targeted Research Division, Intelligent Nano-Process Laboratory, Advanced Institute of Materials Research, Tohoku University has actualized the difficult task of the direct formation of ultrathin high quality germanium oxide films under 2.0nm (EOT<2.0nm) using a neutral beam oxidation process which can achieve low temperature oxidation without damaging the films. The formation of this gate insulator in the germanium channel MOS transistor production process is a crucial component to future super LSI devices beyond the 12nm generation which is expected to be commercialized around 2020. In addition, the MOS transistor interface was electrically proven to have a super-low interface state.

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Professor Seiji Samukawa
Assistant Professor Akira Wada
Targeted Research Division, Transdisciplinary Fluid Integration Research Center
Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University
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