Associate Professor K. Nakayama -- The development in the mass production of amorphous alloy nanowires --


-New insight into nanotechnology-

The research group of Tohoku University, Associate Professor Koji Nakayama, WPI Advanced Institute for Materials Research, and Associate Professor Yoshihiko Yokoyama, Institute for Materials Research has succeeded in developing the massive production of amorphous alloy (metallic glass) nanowires by gas atomization. Amorphous alloys exhibit extraordinary mechanical properties including ultrahigh strength and high elasticity, as well as functional properties such as soft magnetic properties and catalytic activities. These superior properties can be inherited into nanowire. This study would provide new insights into practical applications in micro-nano structural components, high-sensitive magnetic sensors, catalysts, and fuel-cell electrodes.

The result will be published in Nano Letters, American Chemical Society shortly.

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Associate Professor Koji Nakayama
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Associate Professor Yoshihiko Yokoyama
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