AIMR Coordinates “AIMR Workshop 2023”


On November 27, 2023, the “AIMR Workshop 2023” was held and assembled the researchers of AIMR for the purpose of mutual understanding of one other’s research and to intensify fusion research.

AIMR Workshop took over the tasks of the AIMR International Symposium (AMIS), which was held annually since 2008, as to encourage the formation of an international network for research exchanges. After a long absence due to the corona pandemic, this workshop was held on site among 91 domestic and international researchers of AIMR.

The workshop started with the salutation from Director Shin-ichi Orimo and continued with the presentations by the project leaders of AIMR’s three “Advanced Target Projects” (ATP), PI’s and Researchers from the AIMR Joint Research Center. Vigorous opinion exchanges were made and the session interlude “Coffee Break” provided a good place among the researchers to hold face to face discussions which is normally difficult to have.

The whole day workshop provided a good opportunity among the participants and will hereafter become a fruitful and valuable event of AIMR.

Salutation by Director Orimo


Presentation by Professor Magda Titirici

Having a good time during Coffee Break


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