Xue Jia Ph.D.

Job Assistant Professor, AIMR
Group Mathematical Science Group
Laboratory Li Laboratory (will open in a new tab)
Address Room 4A, AIMR Main Building, Katahira Campus
(2-1-1, Katahira, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8577)
Tel +81-22-217-6371
E-Mail jia.xue.d8@tohoku.ac.jp

Research Interests

  • Materials design based on machine learning
  • Functional materials (e.g. thermoelectric materials)

Main Publication List

  • Unsupervised machine learning for discovery of promising half-Heusler thermoelectric materials, npj Comput. Mater. 8 (2022) 34, X. Jia#, Y. Deng#, X. Bao, H. Yao, S. Li, Z. Li, C. Chen, X. Wang, J. Mao, F. Cao*, J. Sui, J. Wu, C. Wang, Q. Zhang* and X. Liu *
  • Using materials quality factor BΔE* for design of thermoelectric materials with mutiple bands, Mater. Taday. Phys. 8 (2021) 100371, X. Jia, S. Li, Z. Zhang, Y. Deng, X. Li, Y. Cao, Y. Yan, J. Mao, J. Yang, Q. Zhang* and X. Liu*
  • Band convergence and phonon engineering to optimize the thermoelectric performance of CaCd2Sb2, Appl. Phys. Lett. 120 (2022) 041901, Z. Zhang, H. Yao, X. Jia, X. Wang, X. Li, C, Chen, X. Lin, J. Sui, X. Liu , J. Mao, G. Xie* and Q. Zhang*
  • Martensite colony engineering: a novel solution to realize the high ductility in full martensitic 3D-printed Ti alloys, Mater. Design, 215 (2022) 110445, Z. Yao, T. Yang, M. Yang, X. Jia, C. Wang, J. Yu, Z. Li, H. Han, W. Liu, G. Xie, S. Yang, Q. Zhang, C. Wang, S. Wang and X. Liu *


  • Oral presentation of FAIR Data Infrastructure for Materials Genomics (2022)
  • Oral presentation of Chinese Materials Conference (2021, 2019)
  • Best poster awards of 19th National Phase Diagram Academic Conference and International Symposium on Material Design (2021)
  • Best poster awards (first place) of 4th Forum of Materials Genome Engineering (2020)