Alan Lindsay Greer Principal Investigator,Ph.D.

Job Principal Investigator,AIMR
Professor of Materials Science and Head of Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy, University of Cambridge
Fellow of Sidney Sussex College,Cambridge
Group Bulk Metallic Glasses Group
Laboratory Alan Lindsay Greer Laboratory
Address Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy,University of Cambridge
Pembroke Street, Cambridge CB2 3QZ, UK
Tel +44-1223-334308(UK)
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Research Interests

  • Production and mechanical properties of bulk metallic glasses
  • Chalcogenide phase-change materials for computer memory
  • Nucleation (particularly heterogeneous) in condensed systems
  • Electromigration effects on metallic interdiffusion

Main Publication List

  • Making metallic glasses plastic by control of residual stress, Nature Materials 5 (2006) 857-860; Y. Zhang, W. H. Wang and A. L. Greer
  • Materials science: A cloak of liquidity, Nature 464 (2010) 1137-1138;A. L. Greer
  • Damage tolerance at a price, Nature Materials 10 (2011) 88-89; A. L.Greer.
  • Poisson’s ratio and modern materials, Nature Materials 10 (2011) 823-837; G. N. Greaves, A. L. Greer, R. S. Lakes and T. Rouxel
  • Characterization of supercooled liquid Ge2Sb2Te5 and its crystallization by ultra-fast-heating calorimetry, Nature Materials 11 (2012) 279-283;J. Orava, A. L. Greer, B. Gholipour, D. W. Hewak and C. E. Smith


  • Honda Kotaro Medal of Tohoku University (2004)
  • The Lee Hsun Lecture Award, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2008)
  • Griffith Medal and Prize of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (UK) (2009)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (2010)
  • Bruce Chalmers Award of TMS (USA)(2012)