Alan Lindsay Greer Principal Investigator,Ph.D.

Job Principal Investigator,AIMR
Professor of Materials Science and Head of Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy, University of Cambridge
Fellow of Sidney Sussex College,Cambridge
Group Bulk Metallic Glasses Group
Laboratory Alan Lindsay Greer Laboratory (will open in a new tab)
Address Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy,University of Cambridge
Pembroke Street, Cambridge CB2 3QZ, UK
Tel +44-1223-334308(UK)
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Research Interests

  • Production and mechanical properties of bulk metallic glasses
  • Chalcogenide phase-change materials for computer memory
  • Nucleation (particularly heterogeneous) in condensed systems
  • Electromigration effects on metallic interdiffusion

Main Publication List

  • Making metallic glasses plastic by control of residual stress, Nature Materials 5 (2006) 857-860; Y. Zhang, W. H. Wang and A. L. Greer
  • Materials science: A cloak of liquidity, Nature 464 (2010) 1137-1138;A. L. Greer
  • Damage tolerance at a price, Nature Materials 10 (2011) 88-89; A. L.Greer.
  • Poisson’s ratio and modern materials, Nature Materials 10 (2011) 823-837; G. N. Greaves, A. L. Greer, R. S. Lakes and T. Rouxel
  • Characterization of supercooled liquid Ge2Sb2Te5 and its crystallization by ultra-fast-heating calorimetry, Nature Materials 11 (2012) 279-283;J. Orava, A. L. Greer, B. Gholipour, D. W. Hewak and C. E. Smith


  • Honda Kotaro Medal of Tohoku University (2004)
  • The Lee Hsun Lecture Award, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2008)
  • Griffith Medal and Prize of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (UK) (2009)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (2010)
  • Bruce Chalmers Award of TMS (USA) (2012)

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