【8/27】Xiaofeng Jin Special Lecture


AIMR Special Lecture

AIMR will hold a special lecture given by Prof. Xiaofeng Jin, who is a full professor at Department of Physics State Key Laboratory of Surface Physics at Fudan University, and recently became a Visiting professor of AIMR. We look forward to your participation.


Prof. Xiaofeng Jin
(Fudan University and AIMR, Tohoku University)


Generation and Detection of Pure Spin Current in an H-shape Structure of a Single Metal


August 27th (Mon.), 2018 14:00-


3rd floor, Lecture Theater in TOKYO ELECTRON House of Creativity, Katahira Campus


Distinct from all the existing methods for determining spin Hall angle with bilayers, we have developed a new approach based on the mesoscopic H-shape structure, which generates and detects pure spin current in a single metal. Using this approach we have unequivocally addressed the long-standing controversy of the magnitude of the spin Hall angle of gold. By exploiting the long spin diffusion length of Cu and the large spin-orbit coupling of Bi, we have realized very large spin Hall effect in 10 nm Cu films δ-doped with 0.15 nm of Bi. This new artificial material can generate a large spin orbit torque to switch an adjacent Fe layer. We have thus demonstrated new artificial materials with simultaneously large spin Hall angle and long spin diffusion length.


Xiaofeng Jin Special Lecture



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