[12/10] The 7th WPI-AIMR Joint Seminar in FY2015


The 7th WPI-AIMR Joint Seminar in FY2015


Synchrotron Radiation: Promising Tool for Science, Technology & Innovation


Prof. Masaki Takata
(Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University)


December 10 (Thu.), 2015 16:00-17:00


Seminar Room, 2nd floor, WPI-AIMR Main Bldg.


Synchrotron Radiation(SR) has been recognized as a premier research tool for developments of Science and Technology. Large scale SR facilities around the world constantly evolved to provide super brilliant and superdirective X-ray and built a range of new scientific disciplines from materials science, physics, geoscience, chemistry, and biology to nanotechnology and energy science as well as industry application. For instance, chemistry of Metal Organic Framework(MOF) has been rapidly developed by advanced structural analysis using the world biggest SR facility, SPring-8 in Japan. The latest result uncovered a role of coordination nano-space as stage of hydrogen ortho–para conversion by the visualization of electric field in nanopore of MOF. With an outlook of SLiT-J( Synchrotron Light in Tohoku Japan) project, the latest status and the perspectives on advanced SR applications will be presented.



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