[4/24] The 1st WPI-AIMR Joint Seminar in FY2015


The 1st WPI-AIMR Joint Seminar in FY2015


Photo-assisted Scanning Probe Microscopy on Solar Cells


Prof. Takuji Takahashi
(Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo)


April 24 (Fri.), 2015 16:00-17:00


Seminar Room, 2nd floor, WPI-AIMR Main Bldg.


Solar cells attract a great deal of interests nowadays as important measures against the global warming. Among a lot of materials used for the solar cells, multi- or micro-crystalline materials have a big advantage in their fabrication costs. Since, however, those materials should include many grain boundaries (GBs), microscopic investigation is very informative to understand the behavior of the GBs. For such purposes, we have developed the photo-assisted scanning probe microscopy methods. In this seminar, the photovoltage distribution and photocarrier dynamics investigated by photo-assisted Kelvin probe microscopy (P-KFM) and the non-radiative recombination properties of the photocarriers investigated by photothermal atomic force microscopy (PT-AFM) on multicrystalline Si [mc-Si] and Cu(In,Ga)Se2 [CIGS] solar cells will be presented.

seminar_150413_01.png   seminar_150413_02.png
Fig. 1 (a) Surface potential, (b) photovoltage and (c) minority carrier lifetime evaluated by P-FKM on mc-Si solar cell.   Fig. 2 (a) Topography and (b)-(d) PT signal images on CIGS solar cell taken by PT-AFM under various incident photon energies.


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