[9/12] 1st Seminar of Materials Science using Quantum Beams


1st Seminar of Materials Science using Quantum Beams


Quantum beams mean radiation X-ray, Neutron, and Muon. This seminar series is for beginners of quantum beam experiments in materials science. In this 1st seminar, examples of structural investigations of light atoms (H, O, Li, and so on) and spins in thin film devices, and investigations of local structure around dopants in functional materials using radiation X-ray will be introduced.


September 12 (Fri), 2014


Meeting Room, 1F of AIMR Main Build.


Introduction of Neutron and Tohoku Univ. Neutron Spectrometer
K. Ohoyama (AIMR)
Structural investigations of surfaces and interfaces in thin film devices by neutron reflectometory
M. Takeda (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
Visualization of 3D Local Structure around Dopants using X-rays and Neutrons: Atomic Resolution Holography
K. Hayashi (IMR)


Light/Quantum Beam Science Promotion Office, Tohoku University

Joint Organizer

Advanced Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University


Kenji Ohoyama

E-mail : ohoyama@imr.tohoku.ac.jp