[11/27] The 6th WPI-AIMR Joint Seminar in FY2015


The 6th WPI-AIMR Joint Seminar in FY2015


Switching of organic superconductivity by electric-field, strain, and light


Prof. Hiroshi Yamamoto
(Institute for Molecular Science)


Nov. 27(Fri), 2015 16:00-17:00


Seminar Room, 2nd floor, WPI-AIMR Main Bldg.


Direct control of electronic phases and associated physical properties by external stimuli such as electric-field, strain, and light is a key issue in developing new devices for information processors, sensors, and communication infrastructures in the next era. It also helps discovery of unknown electronic phases that are not accessible by static modification such as chemical doping, and thus can contribute to the expansion of fundamental solid state physics. Strongly correlated electron system such as Mott-insulator based on organic materials, where on-site Coulomb repulsion among the carriers can be modulated by both the carrier concentration and the soft lattice spacing, is an excellent playground for demonstrating such a direct switching of electronic phases. Specifically, switching an insulator to a superconductor is one of the most interesting phenomena, because of its large ON/OFF ratio in conductivity, magnetization, and phase coherence. In this presentation, such a direct switching of superconductivity by gate electric field, one-dimensional strain, and/or light-irradiation will be discussed. In case of light, remote control of superconductivity would be also possible.

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