[2/23] "Talk with Dr. J. G. Bednorz"


Superconductivity, the phenomenon in which resistance of materials decreases to completely zero, is the promising characteristics which will be the dream technology to solve the present energy problem, if it is realized at normal temperature. Superconductivity had been seen only at low temperatures near absolute zero before the discovery of high temperature superconductors by Dr. Johannes Georg Bednorz and Dr. Karl Alex Müller. The discovery had the highest level of impact not only because the critical temperature Tc dramatically increased but also because the new superconductors were “ceramics” which nobody had ever expected for superconductors.

At this Science Cafe, we will listen to the talk of Dr. Bednorz who won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1987 and enjoy discussion with him, what is superconductivity, how he won the Nobel Prize, and how he planned his research to make historical discovery.

Special Science Cafe of Tohoku University, "Talk with Dr. J. G. Bednorz"


February 23 (Sat.) 14:00-16:00


Dr. Johannes Georg Bednorz, 1987 Physics Nobel laureate (IBM Fellow at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory)
MC and Interviewer : Dr. Susumu Ikeda (Assoc. Prof. of AIMR), Dr. Yasufumi Nakamichi (Assist. Prof. of AIMR)


WPI-AIMR Main Building 1st Floor, Katahira Campus, Tohoku University


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