“Tohoku University Innovation Fair 2010”


WPI-AIMR will open a booth at Tohoku University Innovation Fair 2010.

Creating interdisciplinary domains by fusion of the world’s top researchers’ works in different materials fields is one of the main goals of our institute. At the booth, we will show our fusion researches which have been carried out and are currently in progress in WPI-AIMR.

October 18

【Event location】
Hagi Conference Hall, Sendai International Center (Booth no. 9):
http://www.sira.or.jp/icenter/english/index.html (will open in a new tab)
If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us.
Website for Tohoku University Innovation Fair 2010 (Japanese Only):
http://www.rpip.tohoku.ac.jp/inv2010/index.htm (will open in a new tab)