A researcher from the University of Waterloo (Canada) visited AIMR


On April 26, 2024, Professor Sushanta Mitra, who is involved in interfacial functional science research in the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo, visited AIMR. He has been elected as a fellow of several organizations including the Canadian Academy of Engineering and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He also serves as the Executive Director of Canada’s largest nanotechnology institute: the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology.

During this visit, Professor Mitra toured the Kato Laboratory, which is conducting research and development on the synthesis technology of integrated quantum devices using low-dimensional materials such as graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides, as well as the Adschiri Laboratory, which is developing new processes using supercritical-water reactions and creating super-hybrid nanoparticles for applied research. Active discussions were held in each research field. We would like to express our sincere appreciation for his visit.

Associate Professor Kato explained his laboratory instruments.

Professor Adschiri explained his laboratory’s work using a panel.

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