International Internship Program “G-RIPS Sendai 2023”


“G-RIPS Sendai 2023” was held at the Advanced Institute for Materials Research (AIMR) from June 19 to August 8.

G-RIPS Sendai is an international internship program held at Tohoku University in Japan in collaboration with IPAM (Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics) since 2018, targeting graduate-level students in mathematical science and related disciplines.

In 2023, a total of 21 students (10 students from US, 1 from Africa and 10 from Japan) participated in the program, divided into 5 teams and worked intensively for 2 months on issues presented by industrial partners. During the long-term program, the students faced difficulties but solved them by utilizing their individual personalities and knowledge and learned the reality of mathematicians working in an industry. In addition, by conducting research and living in English during the program, the students were able to improve their cross-cultural communication skills.

For more details, please see the link: G-RIPS Sendai 2023 (will open in a new tab)

Japanese language / culture classes




Members and staffs


Hiroshi Suito
Advanced Institute for Materials Research (AIMR), Tohoku University