Updated on September 14, 2022 (COVID-19 related notices and reference materials)

AIMR New Coronavirus Infection Control Headquarters
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As the University's BCP level change, AIMR takes back down to Level 1 countermeasure. Please resume research activity according to AIMR Guidance.

Level-1: Partial restrictions
(started on May 23)

Research Activities

Research activities can be carried out by implementing thorough infection prevention measures through each department's management system.

Internal Meetings

In-person meetings can take place with the thorough measures to prevent the spread of infection. Online meetings are encouraged.

Administrative management system

Usual business can take place with thorough measures to prevent the spread of infection. Depending on the nature of the work, staggered work hours and 10-30% telecommuting are recommended.

When you feel unwell

Please follow the “Flow Chart of Measures to Combat the Spread of the New Coronavirus

Possible symptoms of COVID-19 (not all are necessary)

  • Serious symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue, or high fever
  • Symptoms of a cold such as a fever or cough (including relatively mild symptoms)
  • If you do not have a fever but feel unwell

The consultation desks of public institutions are as follows. PCR tests and antigen tests can also be taken at private medical institutions. Please take the test as appropriate according to your physical condition and circumstances.

Official contact for COVID-19

For Non-Japanese

  • The City of Sendai and Miyagi Prefectural Government's Medical Consultation Center (Call Center) for COVID-19
    TEL: 022-398-9211
    • English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese: Available on 24 hours
    • Thai, Nepali, Vietnamese, Russian, Tagalog, Indonesian, Hindi: Available on 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays
  • Government consultation hotline: Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Japan Visitor Hotline
    TEL: 050-3816-2787
    Available on 365 days/24 hours, in English, Chinese and Korean

Please see below link for more information:

Procedure when obtaining a PCR test

If you are going to take a PCR test or an antigen test, please also inform the AIMR COVID-19 Countermeasures Headquarters.

AIMR New Coronavirus Infection Control Headquarters
aimr-covid-19[at]grp.tohoku.ac.jp*Replace [at] with @

What to report

  • Your name
  • Job title / staff number or grade / student ID number
  • Your address
  • Date of onset
  • Symptoms (body temperature if fever)
  • Current health
  • Last work day
  • Name of medical institution and Status of consultation
  • Inspection date
  • Date of result revealed
  • Result

Responding to visitors

Please respond according to AIMR BCP “5. Visitors”.
Visitor: someone who is not an AIMR member, whose main workplace is not located in Miyagi Prefecture and who is going to enter the AIMR buildings.

Requests for daily life
(including teleworking)

  • Thoroughtly prevent contact and droplet infection
    • Prevention of close-contact infection
      • Materials and equipment (e.g. phones, computers, desks with a free address, etc.) should not be shared by more than one person and should be thoroughly disinfected.
        Thoroughly disinfect all Human-Touch Surfacee (door knobs, etc.) at your workplace.
      • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and use alcohol for hand sanitizing.
    • Prevention of droplet infection
      • Wear a mask and maintain a sufficient distance (2 meters or more) between people in the Lab.
      • Take measures against splash infection at work places, such as avoiding discussions in closed spaces and close contact.
      • Use video conferencing, phone calls, and e-mails, also.
      • Wash your hands before and after meals, avoid sitting together and talking during meals. Do not share food, and stagger the time to avoid congestion in the dining room, etc.
    • Thorough ventilation, etc.
      • If the building in which the workplace is located has mechanical ventilation, the ventilation equipment shall be properly operated and maintained.
        If the windows can be opened, windows should be opened at all times to provide ventilation, essentially at all times.
  • Be sure to take good care of your health
    • Check temperature, and keep a record including morning and evening.
    • Those who have even the slightest symptom must work from home and never come to work.
  • Maintain a roster of all staff and keep a record of their activities, including their entry and exit
    • It is the responsibility of the laboratory to record the activity history of each person entering and leaving the room. (Check when patrolling)
    • Establish an emergency contact system for all staff.
  • Ensure that infection prevention actions are taken on the way to work
    • When using public transportation (trains, buses, taxis, etc.), commuters should wear a mask and should not speak when unnecessary.
      Using staggered commuting system is highly recommended.
    • Wash hands and disinfect hands and fingers with alcohol when coming to work and returning home.
  • How to respond to business travel and events
  • Management of stay time
    • The stay time is decided after considering the priority of work.

Other reference information

If you have health and mental anxiety, please contact to the contact person of your laboratory. Instead of you, the contact person or the headquarters will contact and ask to appropriate consultation counters listed below:

To all students researching at AIMR

  • Research Activity
    • Please respond according to AIMR BCP “1. On-site research activities”.
  • Health Care
    • Please check and record your temperature twice a day
    • Please record your action and behavior every day.
  • Requests in daily life
    • Large-group dinners and trips can cause infections. Please take thorough infection prevention.
    • Avoid part-time jobs in an environment that is susceptible to infection. There is a consultation desk (will open in a new tab) for financial problems.

Various consultation counters

Other reference information

  • Financial consultation
    Financial Support Section, Student Support Div., Education and Student Support Dept., T.U.
    TEL: 022-795-7816 E-mail: shogaku@grp.tohoku.ac.jp
  • Consultation on overall student life [Telephone consultation, Reservation required]
    TEL: 022-795-7833 E-mail: gakuso@ihe.tohoku.ac.jp
  • Consultation about disability [Telephone consultation, Reservation required]
    TEL: 022-795-7696 E-mail: t-sien@ihe.tohoku.ac.jp
  • Consultation when it is difficult to prepare a personal computer
    University-wide Education Implementation Section, Education Affairs Div., Education and Student Support Dept., T.U.
    TEL: 022-795-7558/7562

Please check the website of each faculty / graduate school frequently because each faculty / graduate school will independently has own announcement.

COVID-19 related notices and reference materials

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