【7/18】 AIMR Special Seminar


AIMR Special Seminarのご案内

AIMRの主任研究者に着任したパデュー大学Yong P. Chen 教授のセミナーを開催します。


Yong P. Chen 教授
(Purdue University および 東北大学AIMR)


Novel two-dimensional (2D) electron systems in topological and 2D materials: new playground for physics and devices


2017年7月18日(火) 16:00-17:00


AIMR本館2階 セミナー室


Two-dimensional (2D) electron systems (2DES) have enabled some of the most important developments in solid state physics (such as quantum Hall effects) and technologies (such as MOSFETs).  In the last decade, new kinds of 2DESs with unusual properties have been realized in two-dimensional (2D) materials (such as graphene) as well as topological materials (such as topological insulators). In this talk, I will present some of our experimental explorations of these materials, which may enable us to engineer novel band structures, realize new regime of “topological” charge and spin transport, create condensed matter analogs of Dirac/Weyl/Majorana fermions and other exotic particles, and develop potential device applications in areas such as spintronics or even quantum computing. I will also discuss intriguing opportunities from applying techniques of spintronics on these materials and heterostrutures that can incorporate novel (semi)metals, semiconductors, magnetic materials or even superconductors.


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