AIMR Math Group Seminar #1



Date : Apr. 4th (Thu.) 14:00~16:00

Place:3C, AIMR Main Bldg., Katahira campus, Tohoku University

SpeakerDr. Koji Sato

Title : Solitons in one-dimensional mechanical linkage



It has been observed that certain classical chains admit topologically protected zero-energy modes that are localized on the boundaries. The static features of such localized modes are captured by linearized equations of motion, but the dynamical features are governed by its nonlinearity. We study quasiperiodic solutions of nonlinear equations of motion of one-dimensional classical chains. Such quasi-periodic solutions correspond to periodic trajectories in the configuration space of the discrete systems, which allows us to define solitons without relying on a continuum theory. Furthermore, we study the dynamics of solitons in inhomogeneous systems by connecting two chains with distinct parameter sets, where transmission or reflection of solitons occurs at the boundary of the two chains. Joint work with Ryokichi Tanaka.




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AIMR Math Group Seminar

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