Interdisciplinary Workshop
Mathematics, Materials Science & Design

The Geometry & Topology
Behind Fabrics
At Multiple Scales

20-21 May, 2021

About The Event

About The Event

This international workshop aims to highlight the interdisciplinary connections between mathematics and materials science behind innovative and traditional fabrics. The geometry and topology of fabric-like materials, which we define here as materials created by entangled strands or threads, appear to be directly related to some of their physical properties at several scales. Thus, a better understanding of the structure and functions of these entangled frameworks, as well as the relationships between them, is targeted through the advances and challenges that will be shared during the various talks of this workshop.


Online, Zoom


Thursday & Friday
20-21 May, 2021

Event Speakers

Here is the list of our speakers.

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Speaker 1

Senja Barthel

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Speaker 2

Abhijit Champanerkar

The City University of New York

Speaker 3

Myfanwy Evans

University of Potsdam

Speaker 4

Stephen Hyde

The University of Sydney

Speaker 5

Veronika Irvine


Speaker 6

Randall D. Kamien

University of Pennsylvania

Speaker 7

Mohand Tahar Kechadi

University College Dublin

Speaker 8

Vitaliy Kurlin

University of Liverpool

Speaker 9

Sonia Mahmoudi

Tohoku University

Speaker 10

Sabetta Matsumoto

Georgia Institute of Technology

Speaker 11

Hugh Morton

University of Liverpool

Speaker 12

Vuong M. Ngo

Trinity College Dublin

Speaker 13

Eleni Panagiotou

University of Tennessee

Speaker 14

Jessica S. Purcell

Monash University

Speaker 15

Koya Shimokawa

Saitama University

Event Schedule

Here is our event schedule (Japan Time)

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Session 1

Japan, Australia, North America


S. Matsumoto

Twisted topological tangles or: the knot theory of knitting

V. Irvine

A mathematical model for bobbin lace grounds

Coffee Break

R. Kamien

Scaffolds for Knitting

Free Discussion, Virtual Break Room

Session 2

Japan, Australia, Central Europe


J. Purcell

Geometry of biperiodic alternating links

K. Shimokawa

3-dimensional topology and polycontinuous pattern

Coffee Break

S. Barthel

Weaving with periodicity in one dimension: braids

H. Morton

Capturing the topology of periodic textile patterns

Free Discussion, Virtual Break Room

Session 3

Japan, Australia, North America


A. Champanerkar

Geometric and diagrammatic maximality of weaving knots

S. Hyde

Tangled Polyhedra

Coffee Break

E. Panagiotou

Effects of entanglement in mechanical properties of material

Free Discussion, Virtual Break Room

Session 4

Japan, Australia, Central Europe


M. Evans

Triply-periodic tangling

S. Mahmoudi

Introduction to the definition, construction and classification of weaves

Coffee Break

V. Kurlin

Introduction to Periodic Geometry and Topology

T. Kechadi & V. Ngo

Structural textile pattern recognition and processing based on hypergraphs

Free Discussion, Virtual Break Room

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