AIMR Math Group Seminar #15



Date : Dec 21th (Fri.) 10:00~12:00

Place:3C, AIMR Main Bldg., Katahira campus, Tohoku University

SpeakerMs. KM Surabhi

Title : Mathematical Modelling of non-Newtonian fluid: Links to Atherosclerosis



This presentation emphasizes blood rheology as a non-Newtonian fluid and examines cardiovascular disease, specifically atherosclerosis, which kills many people daily worldwide. A mathematical model was developed for blood flowing through an overlapping shaped stenosis in the presence of a catheter. To solve the nonlinear system of coupled equations, we used homotopy perturbation method (HPM) to simulate the blood physiology. The method incorporates the role of a pressure gradient as constant or as a function of time. Results show the effects of embedded geometrical and dynamical parameters on physiological characteristics such as pressure drop, impedance, and wall shear stress.





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