AIMR Math Group Seminar #12


Date : March 13th (Tue.) 11:00-12:00

Place:4C, AIMR Main Bldg., Katahira campus, Tohoku University

Speaker: Prof. Jean Bellissard

Title: A toy model for viscosity



After introducing the topics and the main problem, from experimental point of view, the concept of “anankeon” will be introduced and explained. Then an atomic scale model of interaction between phonons and anankeons will be proposed. If time allows, a more detailed explanation about the methodology used to solve this model will be provided. If time is too short, the discussion of the results will be given. In particular, this model provides an atomic scale mechanism leading to a change in the dependence of the viscosity with repect to temperature. In addition, it also provides a mechanism to distinguish between strong and fragile glasses in the liquid state.





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