Dmitri V. Louzguine 主任研究者 Ph.D.

職名 教授
グループ バルク金属ガラスグループ
研究室 Dmitri Louzguine研究室
所在地 片平キャンパス AIMRラボ棟 オフィス4-2
(〒980-8577 仙台市青葉区片平2-1-1)
電話 022-217-5957


  • Investigation of the Formation Mechanisms, Structure, Thermal Stability, Phase Transformations, Deformation behavior, Mechanical and Physical properties of Metallic Glasses, Bulk Metallic Glasses, Metal Matrix Composites containing Crystalline/Quasicrystalline nanoparticles embedded in the Glassy Matrix and High-Strength Crystalline Low Alloys.


  • Structural basis for supercooled liquid fragility established by synchrotron-radiation method and computer simulation, Journal of Applied Physics, 110, (2011) 043519, D. V. Louzguine-Luzgin, R. Belosludov, A. R. Yavari, K. Georgarakis, G. Vaughan, Y. Kawazoe, T. Egami, and A. Inoue
  • Deformation and Fracture Behavior of Metallic Glassy Alloys and Glassy-Crystal Composites, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 42A, (2011) 1504-1510, D.V. Louzguine-Luzgin, A. Vinogradov, S. Li, A. Kawashima, G. Xie, A.R. Yavari and A. Inoue
  • Phase transformations in Zr-based bulk metallic glass cyclically loaded before plastic yielding, Materials Science and Engineering A, 550, (2012), 358?362 A.Yu. Churyumov, A.I. Bazlov, V.Yu. Zadorozhnyy, A.N. Solonin, A. Caron, D.V. Louzguine-Luzgin
  • Double-stage glass transition in a metallic glass, Physical Review B, 81, 14 (2010) 144202, D. V. Louzguine-Luzgin, I. Seki, T. Yamamoto, H. Kawaji, C. Suryanarayana, and A. Inoue
  • Investigation of Ti-Fe-Co bulk alloys with high strength and enhanced ductility, Acta Materialia, 53, (2005)2009-2017, D. V. Louzguine-Luzgin, L. V. Louzguina-Luzgina, H. Kato and A. Inoue


  • Young participating scientist award of 9th International Symposium on Metastable, Mechanically Alloyed and Nanocrystalline Materials (ISMANAM 2002) ,Korea(Sep 2002)