UHV-sputtering system
(Three chambers and 19 cathodes)
UHV-sputtering system(8 cathodes) UHV-sputtering system(3 cathodes)
UHV-PVD system (3 cathodes and 1 EB gun) UHV-PVD system (3 cathodes and 2 organic cells)  
Furnace (Max. 1250C) 熱処理炉東栄 熱処理炉テック


 Characterizations(AIMR ANNEX &Integration Lab.Bldg.)

Dektak X-ray diffractometer for thin
film (Common equipment)
VSM(Rt,2T) CIPT(i-plane field) Polar micro-MOKE(RT,2.5 T)
Wire Bonding Magneto-trasnport measurement (5-300K, 2 T) PPMS
DC&RF probing system(RT, out-of-plane, 2.7T)(RT, in-plane, 0.3T) VNA ferromagnetic resonance(2-20 GHz) Time-resolved MOKE (TRMOKE) systemwith Femtosecond Laser(RT, 2.0T)
THz emmisio n 2 T in-plane field Space-time resolved TRMOE microscopy trmoke 2T variable field
Mask alignner Ion beam etching Sputtering system
  EB lithography(Common equipment) FE-SEM(Common equipment)