International Conference:
Patterns and Waves 2016

Date: 1(Mon)-5(Fri) August, 2016
Venue: Conference Hall, Hokkaido University, Japan

Important dates and announcement

The deadline for poster registration is 13 June.
The deadline for online registration is 30 June.

The on-site registration fee is 1,000 JPY and the fee for conference dinner is 6,000 JPY.

Poster registration is now open!

There is still plenty of room for poster presentations and your posters are very welcome. If you also need travel expenses, please first register and then contact our secretaries by e-mail,

sec_nishiuralabo"AT" (please replace "AT" with @).

We would reimburse poster presenters for travel expenses on first-come-first-served basis, where young researchers will be given priority.




までメールにてご連絡下さい("AT"を@に置き換えて下さい)。 ポスター発表者への旅費支給は先着順ですが、若手研究者からの積極的な応募をお待ちしております。