International Affairs Center

Japanese Class

IAC holds a Japanese class for international researchers and their families.
We would like to give many international researchers following opportunities:

  • To Enjoy Japanese
  • To serve as interest in Japanese
  • To make network with international researchers, and so on.

Please feel free to join our Japanese Class!

IAC Japanese Class "Cha-Chat J Salon"

※IAC Japanese Class will be resumed from October!※

【Announcement】Next Class

Date/Time:  13th October(Tue.), 2020 16:00-17:00 p.m.
Place:   Combination Room, 5th floor of AIMR Main Building


《Let's learn KANJI①:Is this a picture? A pictograph?》

  • 【Culture】Calligraphy experience using own brush pen
  • 【Goal】Master writing a simple Kanji

IAC Japanese Class Schedule FY2020

Date Topics
April 14th
【Canceled】Let's go to SOBA restaurant
May 19th
【Canceled】Sendai: City & Shop information
June 9th
【Canceled】Nice to meet you
July 7th
【Canceled】Japanese nammer of "Giving and Receiving"
July 28th
【Canceled】KANJI and SHUJI #1
September 15th
【Canceled】Exchanging of travel information -Day Trip-
October 13th
Let's learn KANJI①: Is this a picture? A pictograph?
November 10th
Let's learn KANJI②: My one week schedule
December 8th
Let's learn KANJI③: Kanji-puzzle: Let's find a piece!
January 19th
Let's learn KANJI④: The art of calligraphy
February 9th
Let's learn KANJI⑤: Meaning of "High nasal bridge"
March 9th
Let's learn KANJI⑥: Name of old towns & streets in Sendai

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